Thursday, February 23, 2012

You Are a Wimp

At first I think it is rather astonishing what Indians will transport by man-power. So I set out to find the best possible picture of an ILToB: Impossibly Large Thing on Bike. My sister-in-law claims to have the granddaddy of all ILToB photos, but alas is now separated from her computer for a few weeks. So we will all have to remain in suspense for a while. In the meantime, I have these ILToB shots, although I now realize that perhaps it is not that the Indians are super-human, but rather that you are a lazy, spoiled wimp.

For example, you are a wimp because you believe that large household deliveries -- such as queen-sized mattresses, refrigerators, five-foot tall potted trees, and heavy dressers -- must be made by delivery van.


 You are a wimp because you think commercial deliveries cannot be done without engines.


You are a wimp because you believe garbage trucks should be...well, trucks.


You are a wimp because you believe you need a large, motorized vehicle for oversized construction and emergency equipment.

And finally, admit it: You are a wimp because you would never think to transport your motorcycle atop a pedal-powered rickshaw.

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